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Choosing Platform for Kinetex DAO

March 18, 2023

Several organizational issues need to be addressed while creating a DAO. One of the most important decisions is selecting a platform that will be convenient for the majority of Kinetex members. The DAO team believes that having a platform dedicated exclusively to Kinetex DAO will simplify the governing process as well as provide a safe and convenient space for community members to share their ideas. The dedicated platform will enable them to propose changes that they believe will benefit the project and community, collaborate on new projects and services, and expand the ecosystem in various ways. Moreover, it will allow all members to familiarize themselves with the DAO's agenda easily and avoid missing important discussions and voting.

The DAO team is looking for your recommendations on the most suitable forums or platforms for Kinetex DAO and welcomes all suggestions on the matter. 

One of our members has already proposed using Snapshot. This platform is known for its decentralized governance and simplifies the process of making proposals and voting on them. It also offers customization options for the voting process, such as calculating users' voting power and selecting the voting mechanism. These features can be valuable for Kinetex DAO operation.

If you know of any other forums or platforms, please share them on the Kinetex Discord.

Thanks for the ongoing support!

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