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Discussing Kinetex Testnet Program

March 18, 2023

As Kinetex DAO continues the series of discussions about ways the members can increase the adoption of Kinetex and grow the community, we would like to encourage users to test the network. 

Testing is essential to ensure that Kinetex is fully functional and ready for deployment. Here are some topics we should go through while planning the possible testing program:

  • Focus. Since the Kinetex widget and a Universal Gasless feature are crucial components of Kinetex, we should consider testing them first and reward users for providing feedback. We need to decide which is more important at this moment.
  • Tasks. We should define the tasks users must perform to receive rewards. For example, we could ask users to record a video of themselves using the network or write a blog post about their experience.
  • Swap Volume. Given current market conditions, we must decide on the perfect swap volume to be rewarded.
  • Referrals. We should encourage users to invite others to test the network. Moreover, we may consider offering special rewards for successful referrals.
  • Rewards. We may reward participants with NFTs, merchandise, or other incentives. We should also decide whether rewards will differ based on the user's level of participation or contribution to the program.
  • Distribution Frequency. How frequently should we distribute rewards? On a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis?
  • Eligibility Criteria. Who can participate in the program? Should we only allow experienced users, or can anyone participate?
  • Program Duration. How long should the program run? Should it be a limited-time event, or should it be ongoing?
  • Meaningful Feedback. How can we ensure that users provide meaningful feedback and not just complete tasks to earn rewards?
  • Partnerships. Should we consider partnering with other projects or communities to expand the reach of our testnet program and increase participation?

Discussing these topics can help Kinetex DAO to create a successful and rewarding testing program that will help to ensure the correct operation of Kinetex Network and further improve the platform. 

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on the Kinetex official Discord channel.

Thanks for the ongoing support!

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