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How to Use xSwap

April 7, 2023

The Kinetex team believes in the importance of DeFi accessibility for promoting decentralized products and services among a wider audience of users, including those who are new in the crypto industry. Therefore, the team designed the Kinetex widget with user-friendliness in mind. 

Hopefully, this guide will help all our first-time users. If not, the team is always available to help. Contact us on social media if you need any additional help or have other questions.


1. Open xSwap and ensure that you are on the right web page and that your connection is secure https://app.kinetex.io/swap previously and now.

2. Connect your wallet(s).

3. Select a token by selecting a network and then the token, or use the search bar to find it more quickly. Please note that the same asset may exist on different networks, so be careful.

4. Select the token you want to receive among over 5,000 that Kinetex supports. Again, be careful since the same asset may exist on different networks.

5. Enter the amount you want to swap.

6. This step is for adjustments. You can manage gas prices and slippage tolerance in the settings or via the advanced mode. Click the wheel icon in the upper right corner or on the advanced mode.

7. xSwap automatically generates the optimal and most profitable route for your chosen crypto assets. You receive clear and detailed information regarding the movement of your funds, including estimated fees, gas costs, and time.

8. Before starting the swap, it may be necessary to approve your tokens. To do this, click on the "Approve" button and verify the approval transaction in Metamask. This step will grant allowance to Uniswap's Permit2 contract to access your assets to swap them. You can also sign a permit message instead.

9. After approval, initiate the swapping process by clicking the “Swap” button. You may need to confirm the transaction on your connected wallet.

10. Congratulations, your swap has been completed! The team hopes you enjoyed your flight and will continue to use xSwap.

* You can view your swaps by opening the Swap History window accessible by clicking the “Transactions” button on the top right corner of the page.

About Kinetex

Kinetex is backed by a team of blockchain experts who believe in the positive changes that the DeFi industry can bring to people around the world. Kinetex presents its innovative product, the xSwap widget, that enables you to swap more than 5,000 crypto assets between EVM-compatible networks with just one click. Non-EVM-compatible networks will be added soon.

Kinetex uses its own relay nodes to ensure a complete automation of the swapping process. The smart contracts are executed automatically in every network, eliminating the need to be online throughout the entire procedure to confirm each step and resulting in fast, easy, and secure swapping.

Furthermore, Universal Gasless, Kinetex's cutting-edge gas solution, enables you to work across the crypto universe seamlessly without having to store multiple native coins. Top up the balance of your gasless account once and enjoy effortless cross-chain transactions with Kinetex.

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