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Integration with 1inch

February 8, 2024

The Kinetex team is proud to announce integration with 1inch!

Even though hundreds of decentralized exchanges (DEXes) appear on the market, users still need help finding adequate liquidity and the most optimal routes to trade their assets. An abundance of DEXes complicates navigating the DeFi industry and its services, especially for users with little or no experience. 

The Kinetex team has been developing solutions that can make the DeFi space more user-friendly, aspiring to enhance the interoperability of networks and make blockchain technologies available to everyone. Years of hard work have led to the creation of Liquidity Aggregation, a gateway to multi-chain liquidity. This mode of the Kinetex dApp combines liquidity from hundreds of sources, including DEX aggregators, allowing users to access it effortlessly in one place. This way, Kinetex enables a quick and efficient transfer of crypto assets across blockchains, making the management of crypto assets more accessible and efficient. 

Kinetex has integrated 1inch to find the best prices within each supported network, which allows the Kinetex algorithms to build routes between networks with even more advantageous rates. 1inch aggregates liquidity from multiple DEXes and other sources, eliminating the need to manually check dozens of on-chain liquidity pools, providing users with the best rates, and enabling them to trade directly with market makers. With nearly 12 million users and $420 billion in overall trading volume, 1inch is currently one of the crypto industry's leaders that shapes the future of Web3.

Kinetex's co-founder Tigran Bolshoi commented, "1inch is one of the best on the DeFi market when it comes to liquidity aggregation, and its API enables one to access rates and liquidity aggregated across DeFi within each network. Combined with Kinetex's algorithms that help find the most optimal route between networks, this integration ensures hassle-free trading both between chains and within any network."

Apart from Liquidity Aggregation, the Kinetex team continues developing other cross-chain solutions that can change how users interact with crypto and is preparing to launch the innovative Flash Trade very soon. 

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