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Integration with cBridge

January 30, 2024

Today, Kinetex announces integration with cBridge, a decentralized and non-custodial bridge created by Celer that allows users to transfer crypto assets between blockchains and layer-2 rollups. 

Interoperability, or lack thereof, has been a significant issue in the DeFi industry. The more networks, crypto assets, and dApps appear on the market, the more complicated it becomes to navigate. The Kinetex team has been working on making DeFi more easy-to-use and accessible to the masses by developing different cross-chain solutions. Their efforts led to the creation of Liquidity Aggregation, a Kinetex dApp's mode that serves as a gateway to liquidity aggregated from hundreds of sources, including cross-chain bridges like cBridge. With this mode, Kinetex users can transfer their crypto assets quickly and efficiently between blockchains, enjoying a simple and efficient swap process. 

Tigran Bolshoi, co-founder of Kinetex, expressed his enthusiasm for the integration with cBridge, "We are excited to collaborate with cBridge and add their liquidity to our Liquidity Aggregation mode. cBridge provides a seamless cross-chain bridging experience, enabling us to offer users even deeper liquidity for a wider variety of tokens."

Built employing the Celer Inter-chain Message Framework, cBridge facilitates cross-chain trades across 45 chains, allowing for swapping over 150 tokens quickly and securely. The Celer team is working on connecting more networks in the future, making their solution more efficient, flexible, and beneficial.

The integration with cBridge will help Kinetex to continue improving cross-chain solutions, thus ensuring faster and more secure cross-chain swaps via the Kinetex dApp. The team also continues working on the second mode, Flash Trade. This innovative mode will allow overcoming many cross-chain-related problems by implementing a resolving approach based on intents. 

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