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Integration with Connext

December 5, 2023

The Kinetex team is happy to announce an integration with Connext, a modular interoperability protocol for securely passing data and funds between chains!

As the crypto world expands, navigating networks, selecting DeFi services, and trading tokens, especially lesser-known ones, can be increasingly challenging. The Kinetex team, consisting of experts working on cross-chain solutions for years, created Kinetex to improve network interoperability and address related security issues by designing efficient cross-chain solutions. Liquidity Aggregation is the first mode of the dApp, which combines liquidity from dozens of protocols, including Connext, in one place for easy access. With this mode, users can transfer their crypto assets between networks quickly and at advantageous prices while enjoying a streamlined user experience. 

Connext's philosophy is to prioritize security and minimize the trust that users have to place in third parties. The project's architecture underwent thorough audits to achieve those objectives, and the team is working closely with the security community to improve the ecosystem's understanding of cross-chain communication further. Moreover, Connext's modular approach has allowed the team to develop one of the most flexible and future-proof interoperability protocols in the DeFi industry. 

Kinetex's co-founder Tigran Bolshoi shared his excitement about the integration: "Decentralization empowers users and helps to increase the autonomy and simplicity of provided solutions. We are excited to be a part of this decentralization movement and work with Connext, whose team's focus on prioritizing the security of cross-chain transactions aligns with the values of Kinetex's team. By aggregating liquidity provided by Connext, we are getting closer to creating a unified and interconnected DeFi ecosystem, which can offer a lot to users worldwide."

The Kinetex team is proud to integrate a promising interoperability protocol like Connext to continue supporting each other in improving technologies and solutions that can positively transform the future of the DeFi industry, making it more secure and accessible for users.

Kinetex does not stand still; the team is tirelessly working on the second mode of the Kinetex app, Flash Trade. It will tackle many severe cross-chain problems from a different angle by using zero-knowledge proofs, a resolving approach, and intents to enable users to trade directly with market makers.

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