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Integration with Rango Exchange

December 13, 2023

The Kinetex team is excited to announce integration with Rango Exchange!

The crypto universe grows almost daily, with new tokens and networks constantly appearing. Crypto users find new projects they want to support or use, needing solutions that can help them move all crypto assets quickly and cheaply, preferably without leaving one app. The Kinetex team has been active in the blockchain industry for many years, focusing on solutions that can enhance network interoperability and make blockchain technologies more accessible to users. The team has utilized their experience to create the Liquidity Aggregation mode of the Kinetex dApp, a gateway to multi-chain liquidity. With this mode, users can conveniently access liquidity from over 400 sources, now including Rango Exchange.

Rango is a cutting-edge routing and aggregation protocol that enables users to swap crypto assets in a decentralized manner, both cross-chain and on-chain, by aggregating bridges and DEXes. It will positively contribute to the growing ecosystem of liquidity sources provided by Kinetex, and the team hopes this integration will benefit both communities, mutually increasing and strengthening the available functionality of the projects.

Kinetex can efficiently perform complex, multi-step swaps by combining numerous DEXes, bridges, and DEX aggregators, including Rango, to provide users with the best prices across the DeFi universe. Built-in Kinetex algorithms automatically find the fastest, cheapest, and most profitable routes for swapping any token on any blockchain, helping users with any experience to trade crypto effortlessly. Moreover, a wide variety of sources ensures that users can sell or buy even those assets that can hardly be found on many other exchanges.

As Kinetex is getting ready to break into the market with the innovative Flash Trade mode that will change how people interact with crypto, the team is proud to continue integrating with prominent DeFi projects like Rango Exchange!

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