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Kinetex DAO Announcement

March 14, 2023

Exciting news!

The voting on the creation of Kinetex DAO is over, and the team is thrilled to announce the results - Kinetex DAO will be coming to life!

After two weeks of discussions, debates, and voting held on Discord, it became clear that most members of the Kinetex community felt very enthusiastic about creating DAO and helping the development team to grow the Kinetex ecosystem through giving feedback and proposing ideas and products. 

Let's come back to the details of the Discord voting. As you might remember, Kinetex users were asked to express their opinions on two suggestions: the Kinetex DAO mission and an appropriate voting system. Firstly, the majority of votes resulted in the selection of the following mission: The Kinetex DAO mission is to explore the endless possibilities of blockchain technology and revolutionize how we interact with digital assets, all while promoting the ideals of decentralization and autonomy. This mission perfectly encompasses the ideas and goals the Kinetex development team and the community hold close to their hearts.

Secondly, most participants voted for the suggested voting system, which is a ‘one Discord member/ one vote’ mechanism, where 50% of participants should vote within ten days to reach a decision. The team believes that such a system is a suitable governance model at the current stage of Kinetex development. However, the voting rules can be changed later if necessary.

With the birth of the DAO, several organizational matters arose. So, a new round of discussions is starting at the community's request. It will be dedicated to setting rules (creating and adopting a constitution) and choosing a convenient platform for the DAO.

Please head to the Discord channel to express your opinion, share helpful ideas, and chat with other members.

See you there!

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