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Kinetex DAO Forum Announcement

March 17, 2023

Greetings from Kinetex! 

The Kinetex DAO team is excited to inform the community's members that the Kinetex DAO Forum's first version has launched! This forum will have a vital role in forming the Kinetex DAO community. Members can use this space to express their opinions, suggest new initiatives, recommend alterations to current policies, and seek feedback from the community. Kinetex Network-related ideas, including, for example, proposals for new services or governance policy changes, are all welcomed. By making these discussions accessible to everyone, the team can gather valuable feedback and guarantee that the DAO is always advancing in the right direction.


The DAO team established rules and guidelines for all members to follow to ensure the Kinetex DAO Forum is a safe and productive space for everyone!

  • Respect others. Be respectful towards other members and refrain from making personal attacks or engaging in behavior that could be considered harmful or offensive. While the DAO team encourages healthy debate and discussion, please keep it civil and avoid personal attacks or aggressive behavior.
  • Stay on topic. Your posts should be relevant to Kinetex Network or the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.
  • Do not spam. Do not post spam or irrelevant or inappropriate content.
  • Follow the law. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations when posting on the forum. 
  • Forget about self-promotion. Refrain from using the forum to promote your products or services.

The DAO team believes that these guidelines will foster a positive and encouraging atmosphere that enables members to feel secure and motivated while exchanging ideas or cooperating on new products. 

The team urges all members to adhere to these guidelines and notify the Kinetex DAO moderation team of any infringements.

Let's make the Kinetex DAO Forum a thriving hub for the Kinetex community. So, whether you are a new member or a seasoned veteran, do not be afraid to join the discussions and help shape the future of Kinetex!

Kinetex DAO is open to your feedback and suggestions! Leave your thoughts and ideas on the Kinetex Discord.

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