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Mastering the Waves: Short-Term Trading Strategies

March 26, 2024

Today, let's finish exploring trading from a time-oriented perspective with a post about short-term trading. In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, short-term strategies allow crypto enthusiasts to earn profit in a fast and non-time-consuming manner. With such strategies, traders can dedicate only a few hours of their time and immediately receive the results, which appeals to many.

While inherently risky compared to the long-term and medium-term trading methods due to the highly volatile nature of crypto markets, short-term strategies can be highly advantageous for traders with a more in-depth understanding of market dynamics and sufficient expertise in utilizing specialized software. In this post, let's explore the main short-term crypto trading strategies and helpful practices for increasing profits and mitigating serious risks.

Popular Strategies

One well-known short-term strategy is arbitrage trading, which exploits price discrepancies between various crypto platforms or trading pairs. This trading method has several subtypes: cross-exchange, triangular, statistical, and cross-domain. Still, all of them are similar in principle. A trader buys an asset on one DEX and quickly sells it on another where prices are higher, pocketing the rate difference. 

Opportunities for arbitrage are often momentary and, therefore, require fast execution to capitalize on price differentials before they level up. Many traders utilize automated trading bots to spot arbitrage opportunities more promptly, thus increasing overall efficiency and the amount of financial gains. Such bots can scan numerous crypto assets and platforms at the same time and perform trades automatically. In contrast, manual analysis and trade execution imply that traders observe the market closely, which naturally demands more time and expertise. So, both methods can be used separately or simultaneously, depending on each trader's preferences and habits. 

Another prevalent strategy is scalping, which involves executing numerous trades within minutes or sometimes seconds to benefit from even the most minor price motions. At first glance, this strategy leads to relatively small profits, but they add up over time. Because of its nature, scalp trading is a fast-paced and quite daunting activity, best suited for more experienced traders who are more prepared for such an experience. While arbitrage trading is often associated with bots, scalping can also benefit from using specialized software to read charts and recognize profitable opportunities. 

The next strategy is high-frequency trading. Some consider it computerized scalping, and others compare it with spoofing, a malicious tactic aimed at manipulating the market price by creating an impression of high or low demand. With this trading method, traders make great-volume trades at rapid speed. This approach primarily relies on bots to scan and analyze technical indicators and market data to make trades accordingly. Consequently, this strategy requires significant technical expertise and infrastructure, but it can be highly profitable if built and encoded correctly.

Last, the two following short-term strategies, range trading and breakout trading, have already been discussed in the post about medium-term trading, and it is not a mistake. These strategies can be used for periods spanning from minutes to days, depending on the market situation and personal risk tolerance level. With range strategy, a trader seeks to buy assets near the base of a predefined price range and sell near its top. Breakout trading involves placing orders when an asset's price is ready to move out of its previous price range to exploit the generated momentum. Both these strategies can benefit from technical analysis tools that can assist in finding range-bound markets and possible price breakouts.

Ways to Maximize Outcomes

Engaging in crypto trading in the short-term can be a great way to earn substantial profits, but it also comes with its own set of risks that need to be mitigated. Staying up-to-date with the latest news and trends can be helpful, but the outcome of short-term strategies mostly depends on analyzing prices and predicting the slightest potential changes. Moreover, the speed of market analysis and trade execution is critical when trading in short periods, particularly in high-frequency trading. This is why using specialized tools is crucial to such trading strategies. 

However, bots and other specialized trading and analyzing software can be complicated to use and thus incomprehensible for novice traders. Therefore, increasing technical literacy is another important aspect of maximizing potential profits.

Another advice is to avoid overtrading, which can lead to unnecessary losses. Some traders trade significant portions of their funds to gain more substantial profits quickly, but they may easily lose the majority of their funds. So, adequate positioning is paramount to sustaining a risk ratio that is as efficient and secure as a trader is comfortable with. 

The fourth piece of advice is to explore flash loans. Since the profit earned depends largely on the trading volume, flash loans may assist traders who do not own many assets by enabling them to borrow some. However, aspiring traders should remember that flash loans are technically complex and, consequently, require advanced technical knowledge to use them properly and effectively. 

Final Thoughts

Short-term trading strategies provide many beneficial opportunities for crypto enthusiasts to profit from constant price movements, which are so prevalent in the crypto space. However, mastering these strategies and learning to use the necessary tools can be a challenge for many. By continually refining their skills, traders can adapt to ever-changing market conditions and their own objectives, increasing their chances of success over time. 

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