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Meta cross-chain Liquidity Aggregator

March 7, 2023

Greetings from the Kinetex team!

Finding sufficient liquidity for a desired trade can be a challenge, accompanied by high rates, long waiting times, and excessive fees. Kinetex understands those issues and aims to simplify this process of swapping crypto across blockchains, ensuring that even inexperienced traders can enjoy DeFi products and services. 

Kinetex is a decentralized meta-aggregator that solves the problem of insufficient and fragmented liquidity by uniting various DEX aggregators, protocols, cross-chain bridges, and market makers on a single platform, creating "infinite" liquidity. With such an extensive list of liquidity sources, Kinetex can build the quickest and cheapest routes for thousands of crypto assets and eliminate the need for users to search for the most efficient way to swap assets across different platforms.

To ensure the seamless operation of the Kinetex ecosystem and adequate liquidity maintenance, the team is working on creating an extensive network of relay nodes. They will facilitate the launch of smart contracts, determine gas costs, lend gas to users in different chains (the Universal Gas solution), and more. For this network to work successfully, Kinetex will soon enable public access to resolving, inviting users to participate in the operation and growth of Kinetex Network. Interested users will be able to run their own Kinetex nodes to assist with transaction processing and earn profit. This approach will help Kinetex to expand liquidity options even more.

Swap with Kinetex, and stay tuned for further updates!

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