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PeckShield Audit

March 16, 2023

Crucial news for all users of Kinetex Network!

The Kinetex development team is proud to share that the Kinetex widget has been audited by PeckShield, one of the most reputable blockchain security firms in the crypto industry. The audit took a lot of time, as both teams worked tirelessly, aspiring to conduct as comprehensive and thorough a review as possible to ensure that Kinetex offers a truly secure swapping experience for users across numerous networks.

The team chose PeckShield to audit the project because of the company's vast experience in the blockchain field. They have worked with top DeFi projects, including Polygon, Avalanche, 1Inch, and PancakeSwap, and their team includes a variety of security specialists and senior researchers with decades of experience in vulnerability analysis. Therefore, PeckShield was the excellent choice for this crucial step in Kinetex's development.

Experts from PeckShield have conducted tests on the Kinetex widget (xSwap), including gasless solution and on-chain and cross-chain swaps. The audit has verified that Kinetex has no critical issues and that its gasless solution for tokens with a permit is well-designed and implemented effectively.

Therefore, we are glad to announce that xSwap can offer a truly secure swapping of crypto assets, allowing users to swap absolutely any tokens between a great variety of networks with the help of our search engine algorithms. Moreover, Kinetex Network solves problems of gas storage by offering its own gasless solutions and insufficient liquidity by aggregating liquidity across the DeFi sector.

The development team is thrilled to announce that Kinetex provides a highly secure method for swapping crypto assets. Its powerful search engine algorithms enable users to swap thousands of tokens across a wide range of networks. Additionally, Kinetex addresses the most pressing DeFi challenges, such as gas payments and insufficient liquidity, by offering innovative gasless solutions and aggregating liquidity from different sources.

You can view the conducted audit below. 

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