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Pre-announcement of Smart Bot Bounty

September 21, 2023

Greetings from Kinetex!

The team is thrilled to announce the Smart Bots Bounty, which will be held during the Flash Trade Testnet. This event will provide an incredible opportunity for all Kinetex supporters and passionate developers to showcase themselves while participating in creating cutting-edge technologies.

During the Bounty, you must demonstrate your creativity, technical skills, and expertise in building bots that can handle complex data analysis across multiple markets. These bots should be able to collect data on-chain and from various external sources (such as social channels, news websites, and CeFi and DeFi platforms), analyze the collected data, provide valuable insights into market trends and movements, and help create efficient strategies.

Before the Bounty begins, you can learn more about the different types of bots by reading the series of related articles on the Kinetex blog. These include AI-powered bots, bots-analyzers, arbitrage bots, liquidation bots, market-making bots, trading with smart bots, and others. 

The Kinetex DAO team is excited to see the innovative solutions participants will present and looks forward to building smarter solutions for a more accessible, efficient, and profitable DeFi!

Do not forget to join the whitelist to avoid missing the start of the Kinetex DAO Programs!

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