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Voting for a Platform for Kinetex DAO

March 24, 2023

Last week, the Kinetex DAO community started discussing various platforms that might be used to manage Kinetex DAO. Such a platform should be able to assist in the establishment of a DAO, conducting voting, submitting proposals, and performing other organizational tasks that are crucial for successful DAO management. Choosing the right platform for a DAO can be an intimidating and challenging task because any wrong choice can lead to a gradual decline in participation rates, ultimately leading to a decline in the DAO's representative power.

As Kinetex DAO decided to move forward with this initiative, we asked all DAO members to suggest suitable and user-friendly forums or platforms that they thought might be perfect for Kinetex DAO. We received multiple suggestions, but two platforms, Snapshot and XDAO, have been the most favored by the majority.

Snapshot is one of the leading decentralized governance platforms that allows high customization of the voting process, including calculation of the users’ voting power, selection of the voting mechanism, proposal and vote validation, etc., all of which can be useful for setting a platform for Kinetex DAO.

XDAO is a DAO-builder platform that enables members to easily create DAOs, deposit crypto assets, manage them by voting, sell DAO shares, and interact with DeFi protocols directly. Similarly to Snapshot, it offers a fully customizable solution for DAOs of any size.

The Kinetex DAO team believes that creating a space dedicated solely to Kinetex DAO will provide all members of the community with a convenient platform to share their ideas, make proposals, discuss any challenges or issues related to the project, and come up with new projects and services within the ecosystem. Moreover, it will make Kinetex DAO more accessible since all information and communication will be restricted to one space, easy to find and keep up with. 

If you still have not expressed your opinion, please do so on the Kinetex Discord.

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