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Voting for the Kinetex Network Ambassador Program

March 21, 2023

The Kinetex DAO has proposed the creation of the Kinetex Network Ambassador Program based on an exclusive NFT collection. This proposal was discussed this week, and it is time to make a decision and vote! 



The DAO team proposes that the program should run for three months or until the reward pool is used completely. It is a reasonable period that provides all willing participants with an opportunity to participate.


For conducting the Program, Kinetex DAO suggests using Crew3, a platform that values the power of community in building Web3. Hopefully, this platform will simplify the process of setting up tasks and distributing rewards to all participants fairly and on time.


As for the rewards, the DAO team suggests allocating 11,250,000 NFTs to be distributed among various campaigns in the following manner:

- Twitter: 2,250,000

- YouTube: 2,250,000

- Discord: 1,050,000

- Facebook: 1,200,000

- Reddit: 750,000

- Articles: 750,000

- Telegram: 750,000

- LinkedIn: 750,000

- TikTok: 600,000

- Signature: 450,000

- IG: 450,000

Participants will receive experience (EXP) points for completing various tasks, and EXPs can be exchanged for unique NFTs (1 EXP = 1 NFT) later. These NFTs can be collected and crafted into higher-level NFTs, staked to gain DAO voting rights, or delegated to other participants for voting purposes.

Ambassador Levels

The Kinetex DAO team suggests that the Ambassador Program has four successive levels that participants have to get one after the other.

The first level is Junior Ambassador, which can be achieved by getting familiar with the project, following all social networks, and making a video review of the product. The second level, Master Ambassador, is attained after successfully passing the onboarding process and testing the Kinetex widget. The third level, Magister Ambassador, requires more advanced knowledge because Ambassadors must write articles describing and reviewing any of Kinetex's technologies. Finally, the fourth level is Legendary Ambassador. In order to reach this level, Ambassadors must gain a thorough understanding of the Universal Gasless technology and record a detailed video reviewing it. 

We believe using the Kinetex Network Ambassador Program will be an effective way to expand Kinetex DAO and increase the adoption of Kinetex Network.

Please head to Discord to voice your opinion on the proposed Ambassador Program.

The proposal is deemed to be approved if we get 50% of positive votes within seven days!

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