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Voting for the Kinetex Network Testnet Program

March 23, 2023

Following discussions regarding the potential launch of the Kinetex DAO programs, Kinetex DAO proposes to establish the Kinetex Testnet Program. This Program aims to encourage users to test Kinetex, assisting the development team in ensuring that it is fully functional and ready for deployment. 

The Testnet Program will primarily focus on two critical components of the Kinetex ecosystem: the Kinetex widget and the Universal Gasless feature.



To conduct the Program, Kinetex DAO recommends using Crew3, as in the case of the Ambassador Program. This platform values community participation in building Web3 and thus is close to Kinetex in its values and aspirations. Crew3 will simplify the process of setting up tasks and rewarding all participants in a fair and timely fashion. 


Kinetex DAO proposes to use an exclusive NFT collection for rewarding participants. They will complete tasks and earn experience points (EXP) that can be exchanged for unique NFTs (1 EXP = 1 NFT). These NFTs can be collected, traded for higher-level NFTs, staked to receive DAO voting rights, or used to delegate votes to other participants. 

Time & Reward Distribution

We suggest that the Program lasts three months or until the reward pool of 3,750,000 NFTs is fully used. The rewards will be divided as follows:

  • Swap — 1 500 000
  • Universal Gasless — 1 500 000
  • xSwap Referral — 750 000

The Kinetex DAO believes that by using NFTs to incentivize testing of the Kinetex network, we can encourage more people to participate in its development and help improve and strengthen it. 

If you want to share your thoughts on the proposed Testnet Program and vote, please join the official Kinetex Discord channel. 

The proposal will be approved if Kinetex DAO receives at least 50% of 'for' votes within seven days!

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