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Voting Results for DAO Programs

April 28, 2023

Greetings from Kinetex!

For nearly two months, the Kinetex DAO community has been discussing the possible creation of incentive programs that could help to encourage the growth of the Kinetex community and its involvement in the development of Kinetex, including assistance with testing of the Kinetex widget. In addition, DAO members have also been discussing the ideal platform for running these programs, future contract deployment and potential challenges, and other topics that are essential at the beginning of any project, especially such an ambitious one.

After much discussion, the Kinetex community has agreed on two DAO programs: the Kinetex Ambassador Program and the Kinetex Testnet Program. The DAO team is thrilled to announce that the voting was successful and that the launch of these programs has been approved by the majority of community members!

A unique collection of 30 million NFTs has been created by the members of the community to reward participants, with 15 million NFTs allocated to each program. Additionally, Kinetex DAO has designed engaging NFT avatars that participants can obtain by completing specific tasks and claiming Ambassador levels. Each level achieved will provide additional rewards and early access to the testnet of the innovative Flash Trade.

The team wants to express sincere appreciation to all the members of the Kinetex community for their unwavering support throughout this time. Your active participation and dedication to making a positive impact are truly inspiring!

A whitelist for the Kinetex Ambassador and Kinetex Testnet Programs will be made available soon. It will help Kinetex DAO to ensure that there are enough rewards for anyone who wants to participate.

Stay tuned for the next exciting announcement!

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