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Swap with Kinetex!

August 1, 2023

Check out Kinetex dApp's Aggregation mode if you have not already! 

The crypto industry faces a significant challenge due to inadequate liquidity, one of the main being extended wait times. When there are not enough buyers or sellers in the market, transactions may take longer to complete, and users may have to waste a lot of time waiting or searching for liquidity on different platforms. It can be incredibly frustrating for users looking to execute time-sensitive transactions, particularly when participating in arbitrage trading or market-making. 

Another issue caused by insufficient liquidity is unfavorable rates. With fewer market participants, traders often have to pay a higher price to buy a particular asset or receive a lower price when selling it, resulting in significant losses. 

Lastly, insufficient liquidity can lead to higher fees. When there are fewer market participants, the cost of executing transactions may increase due to the lack of competition, forcing users to pay higher prices to incentivize market makers to provide liquidity. Kinetex has eliminated these issues with the Liquidity Aggregation mode.

Instead of creating liquidity, the Kinetex team has decided to aggregate it into a single Kinetex dApp mode to ensure a steady supply of liquidity and eliminate any security concerns. The Aggregation mode currently includes over 400 diverse liquidity sources from eight networks, such as multi-chain bridges, decentralized exchanges, DEX aggregators, limit order protocols, etc. More liquidity will be available through professional market makers in the upcoming second mode, Flash Trade. 

Kinetex DAO created Aggregation Mode Testing as part of the Kinetex Ambassador Program to verify the functionality and efficiency of the Liquidity Aggregation mode. During the testing, participants will have to swap different crypto assets between the supported networks, connect wallets, and try out various versions of the Kinetex dApp, including mobile, PC, and web versions. Additionally, testers will need to check the gasless solution, which is available for all tokens with the EIP-2612 standard. 

If you are interested in participating in the Aggregation mode testing, sign up here.   

Keep swapping with Kinetex! 

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