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Kinetex Ambassador Program Pre-announcement

May 11, 2023

The Kinetex community plays a vital role in the development of Kinetex Network, inspiring the Kinetex DAO and providing the development team with the necessary feedback and support. The DAO team highly values community involvement and aims to further empower the members of the Kinetex community by building a bigger and more inclusive Kinetex DAO and creating incentive DAO programs. 

The first such program is the Kinetex Ambassador Program. It will consist of six parts, each having specific tasks: Media Program, Aggregation Mode Testing, Testnet, Bug Bounty, Gas Refund Program, and Gasless Testing. You will learn about each part in the following posts.

The Kinetex Ambassador Program aims to expand the existing Kinetex community and attract new users to the platform. As a participant, you will be asked to complete various tasks, such as promoting Kinetex on social media, creating educational content for different social media platforms, shooting video reviews, inviting friends to be a part of the Kinetex community, and more. 

About Kinetex

The development team behind Kinetex has extensive experience in the blockchain industry. They have been developing cross-chain technologies, committed to making DeFi more accessible to users, increasing blockchain interoperability, and advocating for the crypto core principles, including decentralization. The team's work has resulted in the creation of the Kinetex dApp, a cutting-edge product with two modes: Liquidity Aggregation and Flash Trade.

The first mode, Liquidity Aggregation, combines DeFi liquidity from hundreds of protocols, providing users with an automated search for the best routes between different networks. It makes the process of transferring crypto assets simple and highly advantageous.

Flash Trade employs innovative Zero-knowledge technology, namely Zk proof, that eliminates the need to trust third-party validators, which can be easily attacked or compromised. With Flash Trade, users can swap crypto assets instantly and extra securely while enjoying minimal slippage and protection against possible MEV attacks.

Both modes work with Kinetex's innovative gasless solution called Universal Gas. This solution involves Kinetex relay nodes that automatically pay for gas during transactions. Users only need to deposit funds into their gasless account once and can stop worrying about buying and storing multiple native coins for gas payments for a long time. 

Rewards & Participation in DAO

While voting for the launch of the Kinetex DAO programs, the Kinetex community has decided to create a limited pool of exclusive NFTs that will help attract more participants to the programs and then become an instrument for building a larger and more inclusive Kinetex DAO. Members thought that 30 million NFTs would be enough for successfully carrying out two programs (the Kinetex Ambassador Program and the Kinetex Testnet Program), given the allocation of 15 million NFTs for each. 

As an NFT holder, you will have the opportunity to suggest ideas and products that will contribute towards the development and growth of the Kinetex Network. You can also vote on various proposals, collaborate with other members, form pools for future DAO Programs, and more. 


To ensure that people have plenty of time to learn about the Kinetex Ambassador Program and that Kinetex DAO has enough rewards for all wishing to participate, a dedicated whitelist is now available. Anyone can sign up to take part in the Ambassador Program and receive an email notification when it begins. 

Kinete DAO is thrilled to welcome everyone interested in joining the Kinetex community! Let's build something incredible together!

The Kinetex Ambassador Program — Join now!

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