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Flash Trade Swap Manual

March 6, 2024

Accessibility of DeFi products and services is one of the most prominent challenges the industry participants are working to overcome. The Kinetex team prioritizes a user-friendly and streamlined approach to trading crypto and ensures that users with any experience can access DeFi and take advantage of its opportunities. The team hopes this guide will be helpful to all our first-time users, enabling an effortless swapping experience. If you encounter any difficulties or have any other queries, Kinetex's support team is always ready to assist you. Please get in touch via Telegram.

Swapping Process

1. Open Kinetex dApp.

Ensure that you are on the right web page — swaps.io — and that your connection is secure. Then, please read the terms of use and accept them.

2. Connect your wallet.

There will be a couple of popular wallet choices displayed on the left. After choosing a wallet you want to connect, you must confirm within the pop-up window.

3. Select a token you have on a balance.

You can search by symbol, name, or network if necessary.

4. Select a token you would like to receive.

You can search by symbol, name, or network if necessary.

Please note that the same asset may exist on different networks, so be careful.

5. Specify the amount you want to swap.

6. View all information about the swap:

  • Transaction fee — possible transaction fees;
  • Included gas costs — an amount that will be taken from your swap amount to pay gas;
  • Total amount — the amount of assets you will receive after the swap;
  • Token amount — the number of tokens you will receive after the swap.

7. View all information about a resolver by clicking an arrow symbol on the right.

8. Approval to access your funds.

If you are satisfied with the chosen resolver and swap conditions offered, give the resolver approval to access your funds and transfer them in the pop-up window. The approval will cost gas. The exact amount will be shown during the approval.

Note that you will be asked to switch blockchains throughout the swap if your wallet was originally on a different network. 

9. Sign the order.

10. The resolver takes your asset.

Since Flash Trade provides a gasless flow, all responsibility for gas payments is on resolvers. 

11. The resolver gives you the asset you want.

12. The transaction is completed successfully!

Flash Trade Swap:


For Liquidators: