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Flash Trade Liquidation Manual

March 8, 2024

Guide for Liquidators

If you would like to participate in the liquidation of unfilled transactions, you can easily do so by following the next steps.

1. Go to refund.swaps.io to open the liquidation panel.

2. Connect your wallet.

3. Look through orders awaiting liquidation.

4. Choose an order to liquidate.

Choose an order to liquidate and make sure you have enough funds to fill the user's unfilled order, as well as native coins to pay gas for their transfer. Estimated fees will be shown to you during order confirmation.

5. Start the liquidation process.

Be careful. The order can only be liquidated within 3 minutes; after that period, the user may slash the resolver's collateral.

6. Transfer the asset the user is waiting for.

Transfer the total amount of assets to the user. You will be asked for approval before the asset can be transferred.

7. Prove that the resolver took the user's funds and that you completed the order.

After transferring funds to the user, you need to run message protocol aggregation and confirm that the resolver has taken the user's funds. Then, confirm that you filled the order from your wallet. To create proofs, you must switch between networks and pay for gas in each.

8. Verification of proofs.

Wait until the process is completed; you should receive the same responses from several message protocols.

Do not refresh the page manually until it loads completely!

9. Obtain collateral.

Finally, pay for gas on the network where the collateral is located. You will need to switch networks for that. Then, check that you have received collateral in your wallet. The liquidation is completed!

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