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How to Trade Bitcoin

March 10, 2024

How to Sell Bitcoin

1. Connect a wallet to which you want to receive assets.

2. Select Bitcoin (BTC) to sell and an asset you want to receive.

3. Specify the swap amount.

Note that the gas cost shown only applies to EVM networks where gas is covered by a resolver. The BTC transfer fee is paid separately.

4. Start the swap and sign the order.

5. Scan or copy the address.

In the opened window, you will see the wallet address where you need to transfer your BTC. You can scan the QR code with your mobile phone's camera or copy it manually.

6. Open the application that allows you to transfer BTC to the previously copied address.

7. Paste the copied address and specify the exact amount you entered in the swap window before.

8. Wait until the necessary confirmations are received.

After submitting, wait until the necessary confirmations are received. The resolver will send the requested assets to your address, and the swap status will change to "Swap completed successfully."

How to Buy Bitcoin

1. Connect your wallet.

There will be a couple of popular wallet choices displayed on the left. After choosing a wallet you want to connect, you must confirm within the pop-up window.

2. Select a token you have on a balance.

You can search by symbol, name, or network if necessary.

3. Select Bitcoin to buy. 

4. Specify the swap amount. 

5. Enter the address to send BTC and click "swap."

6. Give the resolver approval to access your funds in the pop-up window.

7. Sign the order.

8. Wait for the resolver to receive your assets.

9. Wait for BTC to arrive in your wallet.

After that, wait for BTC from the resolver to arrive in your wallet. You do not have to stay online throughout the process.

10. Receive a notification about a successful transaction.

Please note that the resolver sends Bitcoin as soon as it withdraws your funds, but Bitcoin will appear in your wallet after one confirmation. You can check the transaction status in the corresponding Explorer (Use Explorer for the destination blockchain: Ethereum, Gnosis Chain, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, etc.).

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