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How to Fund a Gnosis Pay Card

May 29, 2024

1. Open Kinetex dApp.

Ensure that you are on the right web page — swaps.io — and that your connection is secure.

2. Connect your wallet.

A couple of popular wallet choices will be displayed on the left. After choosing a wallet you want to connect, you must confirm within the pop-up window.

3.  Select a token you want to trade.

If necessary, you can search by symbol, name, or network. Let's use Ethereum (ETH) as an example. Note that if you have a native coin, you will have to wrap it to enable resolvers (professional market makers) to handle all gas payments for you.

4. Select a token to receive and specify the amount needed.

Since Gnosis Pay can only be replenished with EURe or GBPe at the moment, choose one of those cryptocurrencies.

5. Select your Gnosis Pay Safe address as the receiver address.

To complete the bridge/swap process and also transfer your funds to your Gnosis Pay account, you can select the wallet icon next to 'Swap' and add in your Gnosis Pay Safe address. This will save you having to complete another transaction afterwards!

6. Wrap your coin.

To enable gasless transactions, you must convert your ETH to wETH through an on-chain transaction. This process will happen automatically; click the "wrap" button and confirm the wrapping. Your asset will be wrapped 1:1 without any hidden fees.

7. View all information about the swap:

  • Transaction fee — possible transaction fees;
  • Included gas costs — an amount that will be taken from your swap amount to pay gas;
  • Total amount — the amount of assets you will receive after the swap;
  • Token amount — the number of tokens you will receive after the swap.

8. View all information about a resolver.

Click an arrow symbol on the right to see.

9. Approve access to your funds.

If you are satisfied with the chosen resolver and swap conditions offered, give the resolver approval to access your funds and transfer them in the pop-up window. The approval will cost gas. The exact amount will be shown during the approval.

‍If your wallet was originally on a different network, you will be asked to switch blockchains throughout the swap.

10. Sign the order.

After that, you do not need to do anything. The resolver will take your asset and give you the asset you requested, simultaneously taking care of all gas payments.

11. The transaction is completed successfully!

Enjoy spending your crypto with Gnosis Pay and keep swapping with Kinetex. 

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