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Flash Trade Withdrawal Manual

March 8, 2024


What if a resolver fails to execute your swap after taking your assets? Do not worry — liquidators will fill your order instead.

To start the liquidation process, enter 2,222 or 4,444 in the "you sell" field and press "swap." Liquidators will compete for your order and execute it automatically within 3 minutes. You do not need to do anything and can be offline throughout the process.

If a transaction is unfulfilled by liquidators, too, you can receive the resolver's collateral.


If the resolver or liquidator does not complete the transaction, the user can take the resolver's collateral, a process called slashing.

1. Click on the "manual withdrawal" button and go to the liquidation admin panel.

2. Connect your wallet.

3. Start a withdrawal procedure.

4. Start aggregation of message protocols.

First, you need to confirm that the resolver did not execute the order on time and that you want to pick up the collateral. To do this, you need to pay for gas on each network where the transaction was made and start aggregation of message protocols to send proof of the transaction.

Do not refresh the page until it has fully loaded.

5. Confirm the transaction.

Confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait for it to complete; you should receive the same proof data from multiple message protocols.

Do not refresh the page until it has fully loaded!

6. Take the collateral.

You will need to pay for gas in the collateral network to receive it. 

7. Receive the collateral in your wallet.

If it is not displayed in the wallet, the contract address can be found in the liquidation admin panel, or you can find the token in the corresponding Explorer and copy the contract address there and import it into your wallet (Use Explorer for the destination blockchain: Ethereum, Gnosis Chain, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, etc.).

8. Add the asset manually if needed.

If the received asset does not appear in your wallet, you must add it manually. Go to the Explorer by clicking the external link icon next to the Receiver address. Find the "Token transferred" segment and click on the icon of the token you have received. Next, copy the contract address.

9. Retrieve assets.

Open your wallet and ensure you are connected to the collateral's network. Then, click "import tokens." Enter the copied address, click "Next," and confirm the import.

Congratulations, the token has been successfully added to your wallet!

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