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Kinetex Ambassador Program: Gasless Testing

September 7, 2023

The Kinetex Ambassador Program comprises six components: Media Program, Aggregation Mode Testing, Testnet, Bug Bounty, Gas Refund Program, and Gasless Testing

Let's focus on the Program's final part, Gasless Testing. This part will be dedicated to testing the revolutionary gas solution created by the Kinetex team. Kinetex Gasless simplifies gas payments, making it easier and more convenient for users to enjoy DeFi services without worrying about storing multiple native coins for paying gas fees. Note that Kinetex Gasless will work with both modes of the Kinetex dApp: Liquidity Aggregation and Flash Trade.


Kinetex Gasless Testing is a program designed to test a demo version of Kinetex's innovative gasless technology. During the participation in the Program, testers will be required to create a gasless deposit account and fund it with an asset of their choice. Additionally, testers will need to select the networks they want to secure with their deposit and choose in which proportion to secure them. Once this is completed, testers will be able to test the gasless feature while swapping. 

You can read the detailed step-by-step instructions for Kinetex Gasless here.


Thirty million exclusive NFTs have been created to support the Kinetex Ambassador Program. Participants can earn them by completing tasks on the Zealy platform. These NFTs will not only reward the participants but also help to attract new audiences to Kinetex DAO. Additionally, all NFT holders will have the opportunity to participate in voting and collaborate with other members to build a more extensive and inclusive Kinetex DAO.


Kinetex DAO has launched a whitelist to ensure it will have enough rewards for all interested participants. Sign up for the Kinetex Ambassador Program to receive a notification when it starts and be the first to access all tasks.

The Kinetex community is waiting for you! Sign up today!

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