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Kinetex Ambassador Program: Gas Refund

August 29, 2023

There are six components to the Kinetex Ambassador Program: Media Program, Aggregation Mode Testing, Testnet, Bug Bounty, Gas Refund Program, and Gasless Testing.

Today, let's focus on the Gas Refund Program, which will interest all participants of the Aggregation Mode Testing. This program is designed to reimburse participants for the gas they spend testing the first mode of the Kinetex dApp.


The previous post about the Aggregation Mode Testing mentioned that testers of the Kinetex dApp are required to pay gas fees when swapping assets. The Kinetex DAO team understands that such a task can seem uncomfortable or demanding to participants. Therefore, to express gratitude towards the community members who help ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the dApp, Kinetex DAO has introduced the Gas Refund Program. 

Through this program, all testers participating in the Aggregation Mode Testing will receive additional NFTs to offset the gas costs incurred. These NFTs will provide testers with voting rights and discord roles, enabling them to contribute to the development of Kinetex. 

Please note that the program will only cover a maximum of $5 spent on gas fees.


Thirty million exclusive NFTs have been created to reward participants of the Kinetex Ambassador Program. By completing tasks on the Zealy platform, participants can earn experience points (EXP) and exchange them for NFTs. 

These NFTs will also enable holders to vote, collaborate with other members, and form pools for future DAO Programs, helping to build a more inclusive Kinetex DAO and grow Kinetex Network.


Kinetex DAO has launched a whitelist to ensure sufficient rewards for future participants. Sign up for the Kinetex Ambassador Program to receive a notification when it begins. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to join Kinetex DAO and receive exclusive NFTs!

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