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Kinetex Ambassador Program: Aggregation Mode Testing

August 3, 2023

The Kinetex Ambassador Program will consist of six parts: Media Program, Aggregation Mode Testing, Testnet, Bug Bounty, Gas Refund Program, and Gasless Testing.

Today, let's discuss Aggregation Mode Testing, the second part of the Kinetex Network Ambassador Program. This testing will concentrate on the first mode of the Kinetex dApp and encourage users to test its features.

Like any software, dApps are not immune to errors, bugs, or other issues that could affect their performance. That is why their testing is so crucial for any project's success. By significantly increasing the number of users and thus maximizing the load on the system, development teams can ensure that their dApps meet all required performance, reliability, and security standards and fix any issues before they cause much distress. Furthermore, testing helps ensure that dApps are user-friendly and meet the needs of their intended users. By testing the user interface and user experience, developers can identify areas where improvements are needed to make the dApps more intuitive and user-friendly.

The Kinetex team has been involved in the blockchain industry for several years, contributing to enhancing cross-chain technologies that facilitate interoperability between networks and help adopt DeFi worldwide. The team's efforts resulted in the development of the Kinetex dApp.

Its first mode, Liquidity Aggregation, combines DeFi liquidity from hundreds of protocols and provides users with an automated search for the best routes between different networks, making transferring crypto assets simple, quick, and efficient.


Kinetex DAO has designed Aggregation Mode Testing to test the first mode of the Kinetex dApp, ensuring that it functions as intended, meets user needs, and provides a reliable and secure experience for all users. There are several aspects and features that testers will need to help to try out.

Firstly, testers will need to swap various crypto assets between supported networks using the Aggregation mode. Thus, participants will help to test all aggregated liquidity sources and the mode's interface.

Secondly, testers will need to connect all supported wallets and try different versions of the Kinetex dApp (mobile, PC, and web).

Thirdly, testers will need to check the gasless solution, which is available for all tokens following the EIP-2612 standard.

Note that all participants will have to pay gas fees while testing. However, they will be able to receive a refund later via the Gas Refund Program.


To support the Kinetex Ambassador Program, a limited pool of 30 million exclusive NFTs has been created following the community's voting. These amazing NFTs will be used to reward all participants, attracting new audiences to Kinetex DAO. Participants will complete tasks on the Zealy platform and receive experience points (EXP) that can later be exchanged for NFTs.

Another purpose of the NFTs is to help build a bigger and more inclusive Kinetex DAO. All NFT holders will be able to vote, express their opinions on various proposals, collaborate with other members, form pools for future DAO Programs, and more.


Kinetex DAO launched a whitelist for all interested participants to ensure there will be enough rewards for everybody. Sign up for the Kinetex Ambassador Program to receive a notification upon its beginning.

Do not miss a chance to get exclusive NFTs and join Kinetex DAO!

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