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Kinetex Ambassador Program: Media

July 26, 2023

The Kinetex Ambassador Program, one of the Kinetex DAO programs launching soon, will consist of 6 parts: Media Program, Aggregation Mode Testing, Testnet, Bug Bounty, Gas Refund Program, and Gasless Testing.

It is time to discuss each part in more detail, starting with the Media Program. It will focus on creating and distributing media content about Kinetex Network.

Media has become an essential tool in fostering community growth and development. With the advent of social media and other digital platforms, it has become easier to reach a wider audience and connect with people globally. Kinetex recognizes the importance of building a bigger and more inclusive DAO for achieving success in promoting efficient cross-chain solutions and DeFi to the masses worldwide. This way, Kinetex can benefit from the expertise of individuals with different backgrounds, skills, and perspectives.

Furthermore, Kinetex DAO can also play a vital role in educating different users about the crypto industry, its potential, and its drawbacks by discussing technologies the development team employs or creates and ways to improve DeFi for everybody to enjoy and benefit. As a result, Kinetex also aims to contribute to the crypto industry's growth by providing a space for community engagement and knowledge sharing.


The Media Program aims to expand the Kinetex Network community by attracting new users. To achieve this, Kinetex DAO came up with several tasks that participants can complete, such as promoting the platform on social media, creating educational content for different platforms, producing video reviews, inviting friends to join the Kinetex community, and more. Participants can also suggest new tasks by posting on the Kinetex official Telegram channel and Discord server. 

The Media Program tasks cover the most popular social media platforms: Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Medium, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. This way, Kinetex Network gets better coverage, and participants can choose to work on the platforms they enjoy the most.


To support the Kinetex Ambassador Program, a limited pool of 30 million exclusive NFTs has been created following the community's voting. These amazing NFTs will be used to reward all participants, attracting new audiences to Kinetex DAO. Participants will complete tasks on the Zealy platform and receive experience points (EXP) that can be exchanged for NFTs later.

Another purpose of the NFTs is to help build a more extensive and more inclusive Kinetex DAO. All NFT holders will be able to vote, express their opinions on various proposals, collaborate with other members, form pools for future DAO Programs, and more.


Since there is a limited number of rewards, Kinetex DAO wants to ensure that all participants will be rewarded fairly. That is why a dedicated whitelist was launched! Anyone can register to participate in the Kinetex Ambassador Program and access tasks among the first when they become available. 

Kinetex DAO is excited to welcome all crypto enthusiasts interested in blockchain-related technologies and passionate about improving the world through knowledge and accessible DeFi services.  

Sign up and get a chance to receive unique NFTs and participate in the development of Kinetex!

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