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Join Kinetex DAO Community

October 3, 2023

Hello from Kinetex DAO! 

The Kinetex development team has been committed to creating innovative cross-chain technologies that allow users with any experience with crypto to access DeFi effortlessly and benefit from all decentralized products and services it offers. Since the goal was to make Kinetex for the global crypto community, it was essential to gain the support of blockchain experts and crypto enthusiasts from the very start, thus fostering community empowerment and decentralization.

Through Kinetex DAO, community members can participate in developing Kinetex by providing valuable feedback to the team, which will help to create truly innovative and user-friendly solutions. This way, Kinetex DAO members can keep discovering the limitless potential of blockchain-related technologies and help transform how people engage with digital assets, all while contributing to the growth and improvement of the Kinetex ecosystem. This collaborative approach makes Kinetex Network a truly inclusive and community-driven project!

To grow the Kinetex community and further empower it, Kinetex DAO created the Kinetex Ambassador Program consisting of 6 parts: the Media Program, Aggregation Mode Testing, Testnet, Bug Bounty, Gas Refund Program, and Gasless Testing (Learn more about each by clicking its name).

Join a dedicated whitelist, if you have not already, to be among the first to participate in the Program and become a part of Kinetex DAO.

The team is thankful and thrilled to have such committed and enthusiastic members eager to contribute their time and energy to the advancement of Kinetex!

By working together, we can achieve something truly extraordinary!

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